What Is The Best Marquee For Your Event?

When you’re planning any outdoor event, you want to make sure you provide the right atmosphere, have the perfect amount of space and ensure each one of your guests has a memorable experience. 

Many people are surprised at the wide range of marquees that are available for hire, each with their unique advantages and aesthetic appeal. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular options in the UK, so you can choose the perfect marquee for your event. 


Traditional Pole Marquees

Traditional pole marquees offer timeless elegance – perfect for weddings and outdoor gatherings where you want to impress. 

They have a distinctive look thanks to their tensioned scalloped canopies which are supported by central poles, exposed wooden side poles, and anchoring ropes.

Traditional pole marquees are suitable for a variety of occasions. They create a magical ambience for weddings, add a touch of rustic charm to large garden parties, and provide a sophisticated setting for corporate events and festivals.

This style of marquee lends itself to a wide range of themes and decorations. You can customise them with different coloured linings, and opt for either clear or plain walls. Traditional pole marquees can also be fitted with a variety of flooring solutions. 

Traditional pole marquees have a central pole that we believe offers fantastic creative avenues for designs and functionality of the interior of the marquee. The central poles lend themselves brilliantly to our circular bars that can be positioned around them which are always a crowd-pleaser! We can also provide rigging systems meaning you can hang a variety of arrangements such as flowers, wrought iron hoops and wooden boards with filament light bulbs between them.

Find out more about our traditional pole marquees HERE.


Clearspan Marquees

For a spacious and modern feel, clearspan marquees are a popular choice.

These marquees have a self-supporting aluminium frame, which eliminates the need for central poles – helping to provide an unobstructed, open internal space.

Clearspan marquees are an excellent choice for large-scale events where maximum usable space is essential. They’re perfect for corporate gatherings, exhibitions, product launches, sporting events, and weddings with expansive guest lists.

Despite the many benefits of using Clearspan marquees for large events, they also lend themselves very well to intimate ones. They can be adjoined to houses to extend a reception space for functions at home. Their modular design allows for tricky spaces to be covered, including incorporating swimming pools, patio flower beds, trees and different levels of ground. 

By having an open interior, a clearspan marquee allows for limitless layout possibilities and can easily accommodate stages, dance floors, and more elaborate setups such as panoramic roofs so you can light up trees for a breathtaking view.

They’re adaptable in shape and size and suitable for the unpredictable British weather thanks to the option to add clear panoramic walls, which enables guests to appreciate the surrounding landscape while also offering protection from breezes.

Find out more about our clearspan marquees HERE.


Pagoda Marquees

Eye-catching and versatile, the pagoda marquee features distinctive pointed roofs. 

Their appearance can add a playful touch to any event, and they are relatively inexpensive compared to larger marquees.

Pagodas are ideal as standalone structures for entranceways, bars, or chill-out zones within a larger event. Additionally, they can be linked together to form covered walkways or market stalls at your event. 

Find out more about our pagoda marquees HERE.


Stretch Tents

Stretch tents are slightly different to marquees, but they still deserve a place in this article! 

A stretch tent is a piece of specialised fabric that is typically connected to existing buildings and walls, and ‘stretched’ to create a weatherproof covering for your event.  

One of the key benefits of a stretch tent is that they don’t need to be erected on flat stable ground like a marquee – so if you’re looking to cover some uneven ground or existing features a stretch tent might be the best option for you. 


Need Some Help Choosing The Perfect Marquee For Your Event? 

Choosing the perfect marquee for your event depends on your guest count, the atmosphere you want to create, your chosen location, and your budget. To help deliver an outdoor event that your guests will remember, it’s important not to rush your decision before speaking to our team of experts at One Six Events. We’ll work to understand your specific needs and requirements, and can help you choose the most appropriate marquee. 

We’re at the end of the phone 01428 725466 or an email whenever you want to chat!


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