Our corporate event management services

We would be delighted to organise a meeting with you and your team, we will draw up a plan and a quote which we can build on or alter. We are flexible and open-minded with our approach so look forward to creating additional value and ideas to your event.

We stock a range of structures for corporate occasions and events as well, and aside from the structure, we will look after all aspects of your corporate event from power and lighting to event furniture.

We recognise that our clients require premium marquee structures which reflect their companies image. We can create stunning environments in which to stage your event, and we offer a broad range of marquee styles including small service marquees to entertaining for hundreds of guests.

We have worked with various corporate entities in the past and look forward to working with and helping more clients create many more unique bespoke spaces.

Henley Regatta

Together with our sister company Moodies, (www.moodies.co.uk), we have organised for many years a corporate enclosure along the tow path at Henley Regatta. We construct the marquees, organise all furnishings, chefs and staff. The tickets are sold prior to the event.

Do get in touch to find out more.