5 Benefits of Using Clearspan Marquees in Public Events

Clearspan marquees are more popular types used in events due to their lack of interior poles supporting the entire structure. As a result, they allow more space within the marquee that people can use during occasions, allowing them and others to move more freely compared to other marquee types. But besides having more guests, what other benefits can clearspan marquees add to public events? Here are some ideas.

1. Uninterrupted Floor Space

Compared to any other marquee types, clearspan marquees are allowed to have more floor space, which people can use in a variety of ways. They can use it for tables and chairs for guests to dine and sit on. People can also use it for other events, such as dance floors and different event layouts.

In addition, because of their pole-free designs, Guests can use the floor space freed up by the clearance of these poles for various other uses, including advertising and different types of activities and decor.

2. Easier Configuration

Since clearspan marquees have no poles to support their structures, they can be easily configured in various ways and shapes. You can configure the design in any way you want, as long as it is in good shape and condition.

It is one of the reasons why clear-span marquees are used more in public events than in other events. Because of their configuration options, these marquees can be used for various event purposes, such as for ceremonies and gatherings, as well as for concerts and other entertainment purposes.

3. Personalisable Design

Clear-span marquees are usually made of poles and steel, usually coated in either white, silver or any other colour you want. It means that there is an option to customise the designs of these marquees, especially on the parts that are not covered by the canvas.

It means that you can make your designs for the layout of your clear span marquee. It can be used as a fully decorated piece of art during your events, or you can make it a blank canvas, where you can freely add your designs and additions to it, including on the floor.

4. Can Be Built on Various Surfaces

Clear-span marquees can be set up on various surfaces, including grass, concrete, sand and even water. You can even set them up in the air or on water, as long as it is stable. The common factor of these surfaces is that they are all flat.

You can set up clearspan marquees on hard surfaces and on surfaces with more grip, making them suitable for a wide range of activities and events, regardless of the type of surface on which they will be set up.

5. Easier to Set Up and Take Down

Like any other type of marquee, clearspan marquees must also be set up and taken down. But despite their need for physical effort, clearspan marquees are much easier to set up than any other marquee type.

It is due to their pole-free designs that allow different parts of the marquee to be easily set up and taken down, depending on the overall layout that involves these parts. There is also no need for support elements, such as poles, to help prop up the marquee when setting them up and taking them down.

More Clearspan Marquee Uses

Aside from the uses mentioned above, there are also many other benefits that clearspan marquees can bring to your public events. People can use them for different occasions, from receptions and parties to concerts and performances. People can also use them for a wide range of event designs, from a blank canvas to the most personalised designs you can invent.

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