Reasons Your Corporate Event Needs a Clearspan Marquee

You must consider a few vital factors to ensure your successful corporate event. The first is the venue. You’ll want to ensure that the venue you choose is appropriate for your hosting event. It should be spacious enough to accommodate your guests comfortably and should be visually appealing. 

The second factor to consider is the way you organise your event. You’ll want to make sure that everything is well-organized and runs smoothly. 

Finally, you’ll want to ensure that you provide your guests with a high level of service. This includes things like making sure they’re comfortable and that their needs are taken care of.

You can hit all these—and more—with a clearspan marquee. They can be hired for all sorts of events, from weddings and parties to corporate events and exhibitions. They offer a clear canvas for you to decorate and style as you wish and can be adapted to suit the theme or tone of your event. Marquees are also a great option if you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional hotel function room or conference centre. Here are reasons to get one for your next corporate event:

Decorating and Furnishing Provisions

Retaining complete control over how your corporate event looks and feels is one of the main reasons why marquee hire is so popular. With a marquee, you can create any kind of atmosphere or layout you want, and you’re not intimidated or limited by the size or shape of the space. 

With a modern marquee design, there are no internal support structures so that the whole indoor area can be used for customisation. Some other indoor event venues might offer this flexibility, but marquees usually have the added benefit of being located on open ground.

If you need more room area, you can always add to your clearspan marquee or even have separate marquees for different parts of the event. This ensures plenty of space for everyone attending the event and separate areas for eating and drinking.

Exhibition Provisions

A clearspan marquee can be located on ground level, which makes it easy to set up large exhibition stands, heavy audio/visual equipment, and promotional vehicles. Hospitality porter cabins, catering service vehicles, and other items can also be easily incorporated into your event, which saves time and money.

Companies looking to organise a corporate show or exhibition will find that a marquee is the ideal venue solution. With large, customisable interiors, marquees can be easily transformed into visually appealing venues with drapes, atmospheric lighting, stage sets, and multimedia screens. This allows companies to create a unique and personalised event that will stand out from the rest.

As they are so large, marquees can accommodate many people and still have plenty of space for a stage, dance floor, or buffet tables. They are also a great choice if there is a need to accommodate wheelchair users, as there is no need for steps or other obstacles. The interior space of a marquee is large enough to accommodate lighting rigs and video camera scaffolds, making it ideal for events that need to be broadcast on television or streamed online.

In closing, some marquee companies also offer wireless internet access, audio/visual presentation equipment, and staging structures to make your corporate event more complete. This means that, rather than simply providing a marquee and leaving it at that, these companies will work with your team to ensure that your corporate event runs as smoothly as possible, providing everything from furniture and decor to food and drink. 

This comprehensive service can take a lot of the stress and worry out of planning and hosting a corporate event, leaving you free to enjoy the occasion. So book a clearspan marquee provider like One Six Events today, and get a quote for your next event!


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