What Are the Benefits of Marquee Hire For Outdoor Weddings

Wedding marquees are all the rage at the moment because of the beautiful and romantic ambience that they can have at an event. These beautiful awnings create a memorable atmosphere for your special day. It can also allow you to bring your dream wedding to life, and won’t limit your ceremony and program to already established locations such as churches or hotel ballrooms. Here are a few notable benefits of hiring a marquee for your outdoor wedding.

Protection From Ever-Changing Weather

The weather can change in the blink of an eye and this is something that you would not want to risk on your wedding day. A sunny day can hide stormy clouds on the horizon, hail or snow can come out of nowhere, and a marquee is guaranteed protection from the elements for you and your guests. 

If the weather gets hotter or cooler, the best marquee hire services can support you with air conditioning units or heaters inside the tent. Just don’t forget to hire your marquee in advance, especially for the busy summer wedding season. Do look at booking six to twelve months in advance of your wedding date.

Beauty and Romance to Match Your Special Day

A look at images online will show you just how beautiful a well-decorated marquee inside can be. There’s the perfect ambience of romance and intimacy inside a marquee, especially when it’s in such a romantic setting. A step outside the tent can give you or your guests ample space and a breather to socialize or even to continue the party.

Flexibility Without Limits

Traditional wedding locations, such as hotel ballrooms or halls tend to have very limited restrictions. The advantage of hiring a wedding marquee is that you are free to configure the venue as you please. There are two types of Wedding Marquees. Clear-span marquees look like huge camping tents. This means that inside the marquee there will be no obstructions, allowing you to establish the flow of your event with fewer limits compared to hotel ballrooms and other kinds of function rooms. In contrast, a shaped marquee, usually octagonal or hexagonal in shape, usually functions to fit a required space. Potentially smaller in size, they can be utilized as a cloakroom, an equipment area for your performers, or an area for your catering team. Apart from that, hiring a marquee can be an option for the whole wedding ceremony, or even just portions of the program (like the reception, for example.)

Level up Any Location

Outdoor weddings are all the rage now, and a wedding marquee adds a special vibe on your noteworthy day. Whether it’s a garden, a field, a forest, the beach, or even your very own backyard, marquees are a sure way to bring a fairytale wedding day to life. This gives you the leeway to reimagine any space you desire to accommodate your vision for your wedding day. Not to mention not having to limit your guest list too much, too!

Make It Easy for Your Guests

Speaking of guests, some people opt to set up the wedding marquee on hotel grounds, which gives you the advantage of flexibility. This is a fantastic idea especially if you are anticipating attendees with accessibility issues, or if you are inviting hundreds of guests since this also allows you to collaborate more closely with the hotel when it comes to the meals, the decoration including furniture and arrangements, as well as care for your loved ones. 

Hire A Marquee For Your Outdoor Wedding

We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you see the many benefits that come with hiring a marquee for your outdoor wedding. Be sure to keep everything that we’ve discussed here in mind so that you can get the best experience possible out of your wedding.

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