Marquees and Tents 101: All the Types You Need to Know

You might be here because you are overwhelmed by the different types of tents that are available today. As of late, among the tents available are clear span marquees, traditional marquees, Capri style, and teepee tents.

These tents are widely available and are useful for all types of uses. They come in varied designs, sizes, and pricing, which makes them suitable for rent for different types of events.

If renting tents and marquees is something you’ve never done before, keep reading. Here are all the types of tents you need to know about today.

Bedouin, Moroccan and Indian Tents

These types of tents make for a sophisticated alternative for traditional events and wedding receptions. They are bewitching, romantic, and ideal for an intimate wedding in an exotic setting, much like the Kata tent.

Today,  Bedouin, Moroccan and Indian tents are popular among wedding planners because they allow them to express their creativity through a variety of fabrics and soft furnishings. Hand-woven silk interiors, for example, can be used for Moroccan and Arabian events.

Capri Style Marquees

Capri style marquees may be attractive, but not nearly as attractive as a clear-span marquee. Although multiple Capri marquees can be joined together to host larger gatherings, and each one can be uniquely decorated to create a warm and inviting ambience, these tents are best suited for hosting small, low-key weddings.

Clear Span Marquees

These marquee structures are the most popular because there are no internal or external obstructions. This allows for the creation of any kind of theme for an event held in one of these marquees.

A clear span marquee’s frame, walls, and roof are all made of white PVC. The frame and poles are not visible through the fabric when dressed. Linings, swags, and drapes in a variety of patterns and colours are used to decorate the walls and ceilings.

One of the reasons they are popularly preferred is because the walls and roofs can be changed. They are flexible and do not have to appear solid and unadorned. Transparent walls and roofs can be used to create an illuminated appearance for both daytime and nighttime events. They are also great for attaching a covered restroom area, a covered catering tent, and a porch to the main tent.

Teepee and Kata Tents

Many people are drawn to and enamoured by teepee and kata tents because of their one-of-a-kind appearance and offbeat character. They are chosen because of their eccentric features, which become a feature in grand events, such as weddings

However, an event stylist’s creativity is limited because the interiors are typically just a basic structure consisting of canvas stretched over wooden poles with a central fire. They are not easily modified, making their style similar across different types of events.

Meanwhile, others may prefer teepee and kata tents because of their uncomplicated nature. As such, they are perfect for romantic and bohemian settings as they can be set up with incense, candles, and the right furnishings, especially for a calm day or night by the lake or the sea. 

Traditional Canvass Pole Marquees

Before clear span marquees became widely available, traditional canvass pole marquees were the popular choice. Canvass pole marquees are built in a similar fashion to circus tents, with wooden central and side poles and external guy ropes.

However, because of the canvass material, they are prone to mould growth after a few years and are difficult to clean, which is why they are not commonly used for grand events, such as weddings. Meanwhile, most major corporations avoid them.

When it comes to larger-scale agriculture and horticulture competitions, canvass quality becomes less important.

This type of tent simply serves as an elegant alternative to clear span marquees when decorated with bunting, fairy lights, and custom roof drapes and can be used as such if you can find one in good condition.

The beauty of having a wide array of tent options is that you have a go-to preference for any and every event. Now that you know the types of tents you can rent out for special events, the possibilities are endless and worth exploring!

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