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Finding yourself reading more blog posts these days? Me too! It’s funny how many emails ping into my inbox every day that I would have previously ignored or instantly deleted. With the extra time on my hands, I find they now capture my attention and I’m learning so much about these fantastic companies that at one time in the past I thought were worth giving my email address to. I’ve rediscovered small businesses to support, have been reintroduced to inspiring authors and, being in the events industry, I’ve stumbled across some awesome venues I look forward to reconnecting with.

With this in mind, I thought today’s blog post, could help you to rediscover One Six Events by learning a little bit more about us. As you will likely already know, we pride ourselves on top notch customer service. In usual times, the most valuable element of our service is the site visit. Our first chance to meet clients to understand their needs and a time for our clients to get to know us a little. These past months, we’ve done what we can over the phone and enjoyed some guided tours via Zoom however, we are extremely keen to get back out meeting our clients face to face soon.

In the absence of an in person meeting, I hope today's blog post can act as a first impression and virtual handshake as I continue our 'Meet the One Six Events Team' series with a little bit about me, Steph, One Six Events Account Manager.

Whilst studying Psychology at university, I was blessed with the ultimate in customer service education, I was a Disney Cast Member. Learning everything there is to know about creating magical experiences and the importance of strong Brand Standards, I was hooked by the power of attentive customer service. I fell in love with all things Disney, enjoying trips to the parks with friends and family as often as we could, collecting every princess movie on DVD and learning all the High School Musical dance moves (some I still know today!). Around this time, my now husband, Roscoe, taught me the joy of skiing which soon became my most favourite hobby. We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the snow most winters and over the past 10 years I’ve slowly developed from absolute beginner to competent beginner.

I took the knowledge I gained at Disney to other customer focused roles on Sky’s Bigger Picture team and Harris + Hoole coffee shop’s Operations team. These roles allowed me to practise my passion for customer service and develop a love of helping others to appreciate the power of authentic service too. These were the times in my life where my addiction to caffeine got a little out of control, enjoying at least 10 espresso’s a day, of course I claimed this was for a good cause: ensuring top quality coffee for all.

I came to realise that not only did I love offering engaging, limitless service, I appreciated those companies who offered this service too. We soon began to choose our utility providers based on how they treat their customers (EE hands down the best customer service of any network supplier!), only visited coffee shops with cheery, chatty baristas and equally avoided those businesses that overlooked the value of their customers.

Fast forward to 2018, when me and Roscoe were looking for suppliers to create our local, lakeside wedding. We wanted to find suppliers who took their work seriously, had pride in offering a quality product as well as paying extra attention to the details. Suffice it to say, One Six Events were the team for us! We met Rich and Freddie on site where they offered a warm welcome, firm handshakes and gave us informative, detailed answers to every one of our questions. Every aspect of the service we received helped to solidify our decision to choose this team. We chose Moodies Catering, One Six Events sister company, to provide our catering and we were delighted by the service we received from both teams on our Big Day.

The service stuck with me; I was so captivated by the experience we’d been given that I was keen to be a part of it! Once we’d returned from our honeymoon, I reached out to the One Six team to ask whether they had any positions I could interview for and the rest is history!

So, if you get in touch with One Six Events, I’m likely the one who will answer the phone. I will happily answer any questions you have, I can create a bespoke quotation for you and help to plan as much or as little of your event as you would like. As your event approaches, I will hand over to Rich, Freddie and the rest of the team to create your dream venue. Rich, our Operations Director, heads up our build team, you’ll hear more about these aspects of the business from Rich in the coming weeks.


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