School Fair

How to Carefully Organise and Execute a Memorable School Fair

Whenever a school year ends or begins, it’s usually a time for celebration! Planning a school fair usually means creating a schedule of events and selling tickets, advertising it, finding prizes, creating souvenirs, and more. Read on to find out some tips on how to plan an unforgettable school fair that all students will love.

Designate Tasks 

Organising your first School Fair takes a lot of hard work and preparation. Hold regular meetings to discuss goals and objectives for the fair and learn from previous fairs. Encourage volunteers to join and help.

Once you have a dedicated group of volunteers in place, distribute different tasks to individual members. Duties that require attention include creating a budget, deciding how the money will be spent, and a secretary to record the minutes of meetings.

Appoint Stall Coordinators

Similarly, it would help if you appointed coordinators for each school’s fair stalls and activities. These coordinators can nominate their own sub-committees, comprising parents and friends willing to support and help with the fair. 

The coordinators need to organise the roster of volunteers who will run the day’s fair. They will also be responsible for sourcing the items for the stalls. 

Appointing these coordinators takes the load off of the school’s fair organisers. If your school has many ethnic and international students, invite them to build stalls based on their country of origin.

To ensure you run a successful event, you will need to appoint the following people: 

  • Coordinators for renting equipment 
  • Electrical requirements 
  • Publicity 
  • Signs (for display at the fair) 
  • Sponsorship 
  • Security 
  • Competitions 
  • Volunteer First Aiders

Find a Good Event Area

A large, flat area is a good choice if you plan to host a fair outside. This will make setting up tents, concessions, seating, and games much more manageable. Parking lots or playgrounds are great options since school campuses will already have these available. 

If the event is happening inside, gymnasiums or lunch rooms could work well. You’ll be a bit more limited on activities inside, however.

You’ll need to provide several trash cans to keep the area clean. If you’re using your parking lot for the event, ensure plenty of signs or attendants directing cars to the appropriate venues.

Also, don’t forget the toiletries. Keep their distance from the event area in mind. If they are far, consider installing portable ones.

Organise Food and Drink Stalls

Corn dogs and hot dogs are always crowd-pleasers that are cheap, easy to make and easy to eat. Or, if you prefer, you can always have the option to hire concessions companies to come in and host your fair. They usually offer popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, and more!

To serve drinks, keep tubs of ice filled with cans of soda and water bottles out, ready for guests to reach for whatever and whenever they need. Food trucks are also becoming more popular as a fun way to serve refreshments. 

Prepare Great Entertainment

All guests won’t be able to hit every exhibit, so make sure to have performers at various points around your event to get people engaged. For example, if you are having a circus-themed party, you can have stilt walkers to draw attention and give people some fun taking photos. Having jugglers is another way to get people’s attention. 


A school fair is overwhelming to plan. But with a dedicated committee and an organised group of volunteers, everyone can work together to plan a fun and memorable event!

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