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5 Reasons to Hire a Pagoda Marquee for Upcoming Events

There are so many options when it comes to event venues. One popular choice among so many are pagoda marquees, and probably for good reason. Created with heavy PVC fabric and easy to set up when you hire a team to do so, pagoda marquee hire offers quite a number of advantages.

The main benefit is probably how people can utilise this kind of space for just about any gathering as a platform, catering tent, refreshments area and more. If you want a couple of additional reasons why you should settle and hire a pagoda marquee for your upcoming events, keep reading. 

1) Flexibility with Location

One ideal part of having a pagoda marquee is that it can work with just about any location that you would like, so long as it fits the area size of the tent you’re getting. That provides so much freedom with choosing the landscape of the place.

Plus, if you have any last-minute changes, it’s possible to work things out with your marquee hire. If you decided on a lovely garden party instead of the beach a week before the gathering, sort things out and have the pagoda set up there on the day.

2) Weather Resistance

As mentioned above, pagoda marquees are made up of PVC fabric. This is quite resistant to a variety of weather conditions, such as wind and rain. With the unpredictability of the UK’s sky, it’d be good to have that security of not worrying about the weather.

Just remember to get in touch with a service that will provide you with a high-quality pagoda marquee. Anything too flimsy will provide little to no refuge from a storm. If you’re paying, ensure that you’re getting the real deal for it.

3) Customisable Decoration

If the party has a certain theme, such as vintage or Christmas, it’d be best to personalise the decor as much as possible to go along with that idea. Luckily, a marquee is a dream to customise and style since the possibilities are endless.

Transform the pagoda as you would any other room. You could even choose roofing that had a specific kind of pattern or design on it. Drape silks are a popular option for any wedding parties and receptions, alongside transparent roofing and soft lighting.

4) No Strings Attached

The worry with most venues is that you would have to abide by quite a number of limitations and rules. There are even conditions where renting out the area would require you to book a certain caterer or party planner. With a pagoda marquee hire though, there’s pretty much no strings attached as the restrictions are reduced or even non-existent. Choose who to work with.

5) Consistent Compatibility

Circling back to the top advantage of pagoda marquees, this venue option is compatible with just about any purpose that you may have. No matter the event type that you may have in mind or the use that you’re hoping to get it for, there’s a pagoda marquee that will surely fulfil your specific needs.

Going through this list should give you a fair understanding of why pagoda marquees should be an option when you’re choosing your next event venue. It’s an incredibly versatile tent that will allow you to throw a good get-together no matter the occasion. 

Looking for a pagoda marquee for hire? One Six Events in the UK offers a variety of marquee options and other event services so that you can host the perfect party. Contact us today!


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