5 Compelling Reasons to Have a Marquee Wedding of Your Own

Finding the right wedding venue is one of if not the most challenging parts of planning a wedding. There are too many variables to factor in–the wedding date, seasonal price, how long you’re allowed to stay, and sometimes even corkage fees!

The venue search could take a considerable chunk of your planning time, which could be a drag because finding a venue sets the foundation for the rest of the wedding planning. Fortunately, you can fast-track all of this by instead having your very own marquee wedding.

Why a Marquee Wedding Might Be the Best Choice

A marquee wedding allows you to create your own dream wedding venue from scratch. Deciding to hold a wedding this way opens up so many possibilities while avoiding a lot of hassle that comes with traditional venues. If you need more convincing, here’s a list of reasons to nix the traditional style and go for a marquee wedding instead.

1. Anywhere Can Be a Venue

A marquee wedding means that you’re not confined to a particular venue. You’re free to have your wedding anywhere you like! You can have an outdoor wedding on a lush green meadow, on a nice rooftop, or you can even have a festive wedding in your own backyard! The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

2. You Get to Work with a Blank Canvas

Having a marquee wedding allows you to design everything from scratch. You don’t have to work around existing features at a destination. Instead, you can impress your guests with your own creativity. It’s a rewarding feeling to see a wedding go from your mind to reality.

3. A Marquee Can Be Tailored to Your Liking

Again, creativity is the name of the game. Collaborating with a marquee company allows you to find or design a marquee that’s a perfect fit for your location and the views surrounding it (or lack thereof). Perhaps you want your marquee to have a clear ceiling to watch the stars at night, or you want an opening to give your marital kiss the perfect backdrop. The possibilities are endless!

4. There Are Marquees for All Seasons

Other than having a beautiful wedding day, you also want your wedding to be perfect for the season. Thankfully, marquees are available for any season of the year and come with the appropriate heating or air conditioning, depending on the weather. You can have the wedding of your dreams no matter the time of year!

5. The Budget for Marquee Weddings Is Flexible

Marquees are usually less costly than traditional weddings. This allows you to focus your funds on other aspects of the wedding. Planning marquee weddings allows you greater flexibility no matter your price range.

Marquee weddings are a beautiful and economical way to host your wedding. It’s also an excellent way to showcase your creativity and originality as a couple. Planning a wedding is an exciting activity, and building it from scratch is quite an unforgettable experience. Don’t hesitate to consider a marquee wedding because no wedding is better than your own, and what’s more “you” than a wedding you created from a blank canvas?

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