11 Reasons to Choose a Marquee Wedding

Not sure if a marquee is right for your dream wedding? Wonder no longer, we’ve got 11 awesome reasons why a marquee is the best option for your Big Day! 

Photography by Isobel Murphy

1. Your very own unique venue

A marquee gives you the ability to make a truly bespoke wedding day, that is all you! You can choose where you want the marquee set up, how you would like it to look and have the flexibility to design your venue from scratch. The plot you choose for your marquee could be your family home or perhaps a local plot close to your heart. You could take advantage of the many open fields we have across the UK, we’re finding more and more field owners are offering up their land for your event. Some even come with a stunning view of rolling English hills, a lake or a historic country house. One Six Events have been lucky enough to pop our marquees up in plenty of great spots, if you are still hunting for your perfect patch get in touch. You could also choose to work with a wedding venue provider who could help you to find your perfect plot. Our friends over at Blank Canvas know all the beautiful spots across the Surrey and Hampshire, they even have some secret spots, get in touch to be let in on the secret.

Photography by Isobel Murphy

2. Choose your view

Make the most of the stunning view. Frame marquees can be built with clear roof panels, windows and transparent gable ends so your perfect view can be enjoyed all day long.

3. You choose the decor

Marquee’s are provided as a complete empty shell, this means you don’t have to worry about your colour scheme clashing with the carpet in the hotel, a marquee gives you the opportunity to create a space that is completely yours. You can choose where you’d like the bar and the dance floor to go, create your dream reception space or design the floor plan to include lounging areas as cosy as your own living room. Choose a reputable marquee company to understand the realms of what is possible in terms of outside elements like flooring, capacity and size dimensions. From small extensions for intimate gatherings to large structures for lots of guest, marquees can be created to suit your needs. No marquee wedding is like any other, your marquee is built for you for your perfect wedding day. You can dictate every element of the creation process, right down to the colour of the carpet!

Photography by Rebecca Searle

4. As many guest as you like

A marquee can grow to fit your numbers, there are no restrictions on the number of guests you can invite to your wedding. Changed your mind about adding in those work friends? No problem we’ll just extend the marquee to fit their tables! Most marquee companies will offer an event coordinator who will help to ensure you have the perfect size marquee for your dream wedding. Not sure what size you need? Not to worry we’re here to help, give us a call.

Photography by Isobel Murphy

5. No restrictions on suppliers

Often venues have a list of suppliers for you to choose from, with a marquee wedding you have no restrictions! You can choose that photographer you fell in love with years ago, your best mates sister can do all the flowers and be sure to book that band you heard on your first date. No restrictions also gives you more flexibility in working to your budget, invest where you want to and DIY whatever you fancy.

6. Choose your caterers

Venues will also often come with an in-house caterer who will provide you with a menu of their yummiest event options. When you choose to have a marquee event, you can choose whatever food you want! Create a traditional wedding breakfast with a gourmet caterer or set up a hog roast and have your guests help themselves, the options are endless. Head to our recommended suppliers list for some of the fantastic caterers we love working with. These suppliers can provide delicious food made from locally sourced produce with a team of professionals who have been providing yummy food across the South of England for many years.

Image provided my Moodies Catering

7. Choose your own timelines

Marquees allow you the freedom to mix up your wedding timeline format too. You really can create a whole day that is completely yours, take inspiration from other cultures customs or other religions rituals to shake up your wedding day to create something that feels like you. This could mean you kick off your day with a Lebanese Zaffe dance, sneak off early like a lucky Venezuelan bride and groom or simply choose to serve sweets before your ceremony! The day is totally yours to do as you please.

8. Pick your finish time

You can pick your kick out time! There is nothing worse than the DJ cutting off a great song whilst you’re all bouncing around the dance floor just because it’s 12.01am. There is no one to tell you “times up” when you have a marquee wedding! You can party on for as long as you’d like! If you’re hiring your land, please check the land restrictions before signing on the dotted line, we don’t want you disappointed if your guests are kicked out at 12.01am unexpectedly on your wedding day.

Dance floor fairy lights
Photography by Isobel Murphy

9. No Corkage

Enough said!

Photography by Isobel Murphy

10. Multiple day event

Continue the celebrations. Marquee companies will often erect the marquee on the Wednesday or Thursday before your wedding day giving you plenty of time to get everything set up. The same is true for take down time, most companies won’t take down until the Monday or Tuesday. This offers you the perfect opportunity to make a weekend of celebrations, have your girls on site for set up and bubbles the night before or invite your family back the day after the wedding to catch up on all the wedding day gossip. Your caterers may even be able to supply food for the following day too, maybe at a discount as the equipment is already set up.

Photography by Isobel Murphy

11. It's really not as much work as you might think

Does creating your venue from the ground up still sound incredibly overwhelming? Don’t panic, we’re here to help you! This is the first time you’ve built a wedding day but it isn’t ours. Remember every supplier you choose are experts in their field and have helped to create hundreds of fantastic weddings, they will do exactly the same for you. Your marquee company will not only supply your marquee structure, they’ll organise the furniture, supply the lighting, provide the power to your marquee, supply the toilets, they can even work directly with your caterers, photographers and band to coordinate every element of your day. The best thing you can do is pick your marquee company wisely, direct them well, ask them questions and then leave them to deliver.

BONUS REASON! They can be made COVID friendly!

With all the unknown 202 has bought, we know how important it is to have the security and peace of mind when it comes to your BIG DAY! So perhaps your wedding day rolls around and government restrictions mean you need to knock your guestlist down to 50, 30 or maybe just 15 of your nearest and dearest. Worry not, we have a marquee to suit your wedding whatever the guestlist! 

Still not convinced? Get in touch! We’ll happily chat through any concerns you have, we’re certain we can help!

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