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Important Things to Ask Your Wedding Marquee Supplier

Booking the marquee is a big step—you’re getting married! Of all the wedding details, a marquee will be the starting point for the party, where people gather, and all the action begins. You can make it as personal a gathering space as you’d like. First, though, are some basics to help you decide on your vendor. 


Here are some essential things you should ask:


Ask What Marquee Size Would Suit Your Number of Guests


Most marquees are designed to seat between 20 and 200 people. If you’re thinking of having more than 200 guests, you might be better off with two marquees rather than one.


If you want to serve food and drink, you’ll need to book a marquee with a floor plan that has at least two sides with tables and chairs. These usually come in 6-8 person rooms, which you can place together to fit your space.


Marquees are also designed with a dance floor, so if you want to set that up, the floor plan should have a clear space.


Ask to See Location


Marquees are erected on ground or grass and can be put on buildings, but the venue will need a flat surface enclosed. The size of the area will depend on the size of the marquee.


Ask About The Marquee’s Floor Plan


Most marquees are rectangular, but some are triangular. There are some marquees with a rectangular floor plan, called “A-frame,” with one straight side.


Another choice is whether to have a tent that has a door or a tent that doesn’t have a door. The “no door” style is usually cheaper but isn’t as practical for the bride and groom, who need to get in and out to set up and take down the tent.


Ask about the Setup and Take Down Costs


Pick-up and return of the marquee package are usually included in the price, but this varies among suppliers. Also, ask about other charges—for instance, if the supplier needs to rent a vehicle (this is probably very normal if you have a large marquee).


Ask about Upkeep


Most marquees have a drip tray that catches water from the rain to keep the base area dry. Some marquees have breathable fabric covers that allow the rain to fall through, protecting the people inside and the grass below.


Ask about Any Permits You Will Need


Some counties or cities may require you to have an event permit, but it won’t be necessary for other places. If you need a permit, ask about the specifics.


Ask about the Lights Inside the Marquee


Full lighting is not often included in the package of a marquee. You may want to consider adding it and ask about the cost and the possibility of adding it to your booking.


Ask if the Marquee Needs Insurance


If you’re not hiring a professional to install the marquee, you may need to hire insurance for them. This is a cost that will have to be factored into the total cost of the marquee rental.


The Bottom Line


Marquees are excellent for weddings. The space is flexible enough to be altered as you get ready for your big day. But of course, it’s probably a good idea to look at a few options before making a final decision. And keep in mind that if you don’t see what you like, there are many designs available.


Most importantly, remember that the marquee is part of your wedding—choosing the right supplier will ensure that your wedding marquee is exactly how you want it!


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