6 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Marquees

Marquee weddings are all the rage right now, and whether you’re planning a huge wedding or a small wedding, marquees make for the perfect backdrop. But what is a marquee, and how can they be used? Today’s blog provides a run-down on marquees and tips.

1. Find the Right Site

One of the biggest considerations for your marquee is obviously the location. Is there a field nearby? You can even use a tent for the reception, but it may be best if you have a building nearby for the wedding ceremony itself. If you are having a garden wedding, make sure that you have enough room for your marquee to fit in. You can even incorporate the venue and marquee together in one space.

2. Go on a Site Visit

While you may have already have a venue in mind, go and have a site visit before booking a venue. Make sure you walk around to get a sense of the space. Make sure it will fit the number of guests you will have, the marquee you want and where the DJ will be. Consider having an exit plan in case the weather turns, and you will be able to pack up the tent quickly.

3. Consider the Weather

The weather is an important factor when you’re booking your wedding venue. You want to be sure that you won’t be rained on, and that there will be plenty of shade for guests when you have your ceremony outdoors. Marquees are great for weddings because you can have a ceremony inside and then reception outside.

4. Work on the Site Logistics

The site logistics should be taken care of by the venue, so consider the following:

  • Check there is adequate parking for guests
  • How are guests going to get to the venue?
  • How late will the venue be open after the wedding is finished?
  • How early does the venue need to be set up, and can you help with that?

Ensure you know about local amenities, such as public transport, shops, restaurants and bars if your guests need to use them.

5. Consider the Lighting

If you have a marquee lit up, make sure you have a dimmer option. Marquees, in particular, can be very bright, and you may have the added lighting of a disco. A dimmer option is ideal so that you can have the option of switching the mood and light depending on the type of music or ambience you want.

6. Bring in a Decorator

Marquees are simple and beautiful, but you can make them even more spectacular by having a decorative touch. Consider asking a friend or relative who is a party planner to create a special look for your tent to make it stand out.

When looking for a marquee for your wedding, consider the location, the weather and the lighting, the logistics and then think about how you want it to look. A good party planner can help bring all the elements together to create the perfect wedding!

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