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Planning for the Big Day: Wedding Marquee Lighting Tips

Outdoor weddings are currently in vogue, but do you know what can make your big day even more special? It is no other than through a wedding marquee. Having one will give you the best of both worlds since it protects you from the harsh elements and still enjoy an outdoor wedding.

However, a wedding marquee also poses its unique concerns. One of the issues is the lighting, but you do not have to fret. This article enumerates a few tips on how to solve them.

Use Clear Cable Lights 

If you have been in a marquee, clear cable lights are commonly used. These lights are great because they are beautiful and create a romantic ambience.

To make the party and the ambience even more romantic, you may opt to add floating candles to the marquee. However, you should ensure that they are not too bright when using these lights. It is one of the common mistakes that brides make, but you do not have to make the same mistake.

To further augment the romantic ambience, you may also want to consider adding twinkling lights. Best of all, they do not just add romance but also add a unique flair to the wedding.

Pick the Right Bulb Colour

The colour of the bulbs used in the wedding marquee can also make a massive difference in the lighting. While you can use any colour from the rainbow, you should keep in mind that it can affect the lighting of the marquee.

For instance, blue bulbs are great for setting the evening mood, but you should not use them for the daytime. It is because they are too bright to be used during the day.

Also, keep in mind that the bulbs used should be checked regularly. They will prevent them from breaking, but they can also stop the marquee from becoming a fire trap. Once the bulbs are old, they will not be able to illuminate the entire marquee.

Another ideal bulb colour is red. It has a romantic vibe and is also symbolic of romance. To enhance its meaning as a romantic bulb colour, you may want to use these bulbs around rose petals. 

Measure the Marquee

Also, for the lighting to work well, the lighting system should be placed in an optimal position. The lights should be mounted on the ceiling so that the centre of the lamp will be 30 inches from the floor. It will ensure that all corners get adequate lighting.   

Moreover, you should also take into consideration the wattage of the bulbs before installing them. If it exceeds the limit, the bulbs can blow which can turn the entire marquee into a fire hazard.

To ensure that the bulbs are not too bright, you can adjust the dimmers. The dimmers are set to either a low, medium or normal setting. The setting should be appropriate to the type of lamp that is being used.

If you are planning to have a wedding marquee, it is important that you prepare it well. At the heart of this planning is the lighting since they can affect the mood and ambience of the entire affair. Keep this list in mind so that you will not have any problems with the lighting.

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