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Why A Refrigerated Trailer Is Important For Any Marquee Event

Organising a marquee event involves meticulous planning and attention to detail. From selecting the perfect venue to arranging catering, every aspect contributes to the event’s success. However, one often overlooked yet crucial element is refrigeration.

It’s vital to consider hiring a refrigerated trailer when planning an event. Should it be a hot day and the bar staff are serving drinks to over a hundred of your guests, refrigeration and freezer trailers offer a smooth service. Thanks to the abundance of fixed shelving and lighting inside these lockable units, you can be sure that fresh and chilled drinks keep flowing.

The team and One Six Events have had the pleasure of working with a variety of businesses and individuals on their events and understand the importance of refrigeration. Here’s why we believe you should consider refrigeration for your marquee event:


Food Safety

An important reason why refrigeration is essential for marquee events involves food safety. The catering industry thrives on fresh and perishable ingredients. Therefore, proper refrigeration ensures that food remains safe for consumption throughout the event. Maintaining the correct temperature helps to stop the growth of bacteria, preserving the quality of the dishes. Keeping guests happy and healthy is an event manager’s number one priority.


Beverage Service

Whether it’s refreshing cocktails or soft drinks, beverages are key to any event. Refrigeration is necessary to store and serve these drinks at the perfect temperature. A well-equipped refrigerated trailer ensures that beverages remain chilled. This means that regardless of the weather, your guests are kept happy.


Food Storage

Beyond food and beverages, refrigeration also provides valuable storage space for event essentials. This includes ice, condiments, and decorations. Having sufficient refrigeration capacity eliminates the need for last-minute trips to restock supplies. It allows for efficient organisation behind the scenes, so the event can run smoothly.


Cake Preservation

At One Six Events, we have had the pleasure of offering luxury marquee hire to weddings. Wedding cakes are often the centrepiece of the reception. However, without proper refrigeration, these tasty treats can lose their shape and freshness. A refrigeration trailer helps to preserve the structure of the cake. This can prevent it from melting, ensuring that it looks as beautiful as it tastes.


Temperature Control

Marquee events often take place outdoors, where weather conditions can be unpredictable. A refrigerated trailer can offer control when it comes to the temperature in a marquee. When choosing luxury marquees for hire, you must create a comfortable environment. Refrigeration allows event planners to adapt to varying climates and ensure guest comfort. This means less stress about external factors, which are often at the forefront of an event manager’s mind.


Floral Arrangements

Summer weddings mean lovely fresh flowers. However, fresh flowers require proper storage to maintain their beauty. Refrigeration units can help keep flowers cool, hydrated, and prevent them from wilting before the event has been set up. By investing in refrigeration, wedding planners can rest assured that the flowers will be unspoilt.


Fantastic Flexibility

Refrigerators can be easily moved and are perfect on most terrains. This means that you can get all of the benefits we have spoken about, almost anywhere!


Refrigeration – Safety and Convenience

Refrigeration is a cornerstone of successful marquee events. It offers numerous benefits from food safety to temperature control and storage solutions. As an acclaimed company providing marquees for hire and other event management services, we are committed to delivering exceptional experiences. We understand the importance of investing in high-quality refrigerated trailer equipment to meet the needs of our clients. By prioritising refrigeration, event managers can ensure that every detail is meticulously executed. We will strive to ensure you leave a lasting impression on all of your attendees.


Cool, Calm, and Collected Event Management

The team at One Six would be delighted to create, build, and manage your event. We strive to take the stress away, so you can focus on the main event. Our team are on hand to plan, prepare, and deliver the meeting or wedding that you had hoped for and more. For more information on our additional services to create the day you dreamed of, take a look at our services page HERE.


Refrigerated Trailer Hire with One Six Events

If you’re looking to plan the perfect event, we’re on hand to help. From marquee to refrigerator hire, lighting to bar service, we deliver unparalleled service. For more information on our event management and luxury marquee hire, call us on 01428 725466.


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