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5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Hire Event Marquees

When you organise an event, the venue choice can make or break it. You have to find a place that can fit all your guests well without leaving out any modern-day comforts. 

If finding the perfect venue seems impossible, why not consider making one? Event marquees are the ideal solutions for your venue woes. 

Regardless of whether you are planning a beautiful wedding reception or a banging music festival, here are the benefits that marquees have to offer.

Location Options Are Virtually Endless 

Marquees for hire give you the freedom to throw a party virtually anywhere. You can hold a party on a farm or in the middle of a flower field—the choice is yours. You only need to have the right marquee size and dimensions.

Weather-Proofs the Event

No one wants to attend an event where you will sweat or freeze to death. Holding an event without any sort of roof over your heads can ruin the celebrations. 

Protect your guests and your equipment from the elements with a marquee. Since there are a wide variety of marquees available, you can also choose ones that offer temperature-controlled environments. It means that you can stay cool during scorching summer days and freezing winter nights. 

Extremely Customisable

Marquees are indeed essentially bare when they arrive at your chosen location. Depending on the style, they can only offer a roof, walls, and comfort systems—but most venues are like that. 

The beauty of having a blank canvass is decorating it however you want. You can fill it with warm colour tones, cosy lighting, and beautiful flowers for an intimate wedding reception. You can even add rustic textiles, vibrant colours, and bold exotic lighting to go for a boho-chic party.

High Level of Versatility

Many venues impose a lot of restrictions. They limit the number of attendees, the decorations you can use, the music you can play, and even the food you will serve. It restricts your ability to throw the best event that you can produce. 

However, this is not a problem for marquees. You have the freedom to fill your guest list to the brim, play all the EDM tracks you like, and serve any menu you want. When you find the right marquee for you, everything is limitless. 

Great for Any Event All Year Round

Many people find it challenging to discover the right venue for their event. They may not choose a reception hall because the walls clash with their wedding theme. Corporate event planners may feel frustrated because the hotel convention hall feels too cramped. 

You will not have the same issue with marquees because you can configure it however you like. It is the only venue that will transform itself to suit your event needs.

 Say Goodbye to Your Venue Woes

Whether you are planning an intimate wedding, corporate event, evening bazaar, or inspirational seminar, event marquees are the perfect solution for your venue problems. They give you the freedom to hold your party anywhere while protecting you and your guests from the elements. A marquee also allows you to throw any kind of event imaginable without worrying about unreasonable restrictions cramping your style and the enjoyment of your attendees.

If you are looking for reliable event marquee hire services in Surrey, turn to One Six Events. We offer a wide array of premium-quality marquees that are bound to suit any event need, preference, and budget. Contact us today to learn more about your marquee options!


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